Why Come to Vivid Hearing

Vivid Hearing is an independent private hearing clinic that strives to provide a friendly and professional environment to address your hearing and communication needs. This means we are not owned or aligned with any particular hearing aid company and can therefore offer our valuable clients real choice. We pride ourselves on superior personalised services so your success is our priority. Our prices are competitive but we do not compromise on our customer service, so you could SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars on a pair of hearing aids and still get the best care in town. We are supportive throughout the entire rehabilitation period and allow enough personalised time to address your needs, concerns and questions. So in summary:

  • We are a fully independent hearing clinic which offers a great advantage.  We have access to a range of different solutions and are not locked into recommending just one or two possibilities.  This provides you with greater peace of mind, knowing we can source the best devices or aids for you, should you need them
  • We offer superior personalised service because one of our primary goals is to work closely with you to address your needs.  Not every person is the same, so not every solution fits every person.  Our promise to you is to use our professional expertise to identify the best possible outcomes for you and your lifestyle
  • We are solution focused and our primary goal is to recommend the best solution for your needs, which may or may not include hearing aids
  • Our audiologists are all university trained and offer experience working with a wide range of people, giving you peace of mind, know you are supported by health professionals trained to listen to you and work with you to find the best solution
  • We offer timely appointments so you don’t have to wait around, losing valuable time
  • 1 year FREE consultations after any hearing device / hearing aid fitting providing you with personalised support to adjust to your new aids
  • 1 year FREE supply of batteries
  • We offer obligation free hearing aid trials where possible so you can find out more about the solutions available and be guided to make the best choice for your needs
  • We are Government accredited to service pensioners and DVA clients free of charge
  • We provide high quality aftercare service because we care about you at every step of the journey.  Our independent clinic status assists with this key benefit we provide our clients
  • We are centrally located in a number of places in and around Perth, with ample parking and serviced well by buses to make it easier for you to meet with our Audiology team at a location that works best for you.  Currently we have our own clinics at Claremont and Duncraig / Carine and have visiting sites that are appointment only in Murdoch and South Perth


We offer the following services at Vivid Hearing:

For more information or to arrange an appointment please call or email us.
Claremont & South Perth: 9286 1762
Carine & Murdoch: 9447 6027