Rosa Cameron, 64 years old, Carine

The whole process was/is efficient and professional but also friendly. Good value for money – other centres offer discounts for seniors – BUT put up their prices. I felt no pressure to purchase –  the trial period was great and I am loving the better hearing I now have.

Elizabeth, 69 years old

It seems to me that the staff are led by an excellent example. This team provides good old-fashioned service. As people get older they begin the process of becoming invisible. At Vivid Hearing I sense that I am important, no matter the time i take fumbling, or asking the same question – again! Thank you for making me a social creature again.

David, 75 years old

Efficient, clean and not pushy.

Alan, 71 years old

I have found Cate to be very professional in explaining to me the requirements needed to address my hearing loss. Every step was explained and responded to my questions in a sensitive and caring manner. I would recommend Vivid Hearing to others.

Mr. Hankinson, 68 years old

I found the audiologist very professional and informative throughout the process of having my hearing aids adjusted and fitted. Far exceeding the services provided by my previous supplier.

Gene, 62 years old

Cate Page is an excellent audiologist. She did a thorough assessment of my hearing loss, then explained everything to both me and my wife.

Patricia, 94 years old

I found my time with Cate Page very helpful and she has done her utmost to assist me to understand and adjust to the hearing aids and has been extremely patient with me. Been a joy to visit. Being an elderly person, any assistant has to be so patient with these clumsy hands etc.

John, 46 years old

An immediate consultation occured within 24 hours. I was well informed about my condition and have already recommended vivid hearing to family and friends.

Tracey, 50 years old

The service I received at Vivid Hearing was more than just receiving a ‘hearing ear’! Cate Page embraces the core principles of her practice and my experience was, without question, personalised with honest and open communication. For the first time I was working with an audiologist who made me feel like it was ok to be a younger person with a hearing problem. Many thanks.

Patsy, 71 years old – retired

I found the service and time and attention to detail outstanding. I would thoroughly recommend Vivid Hearing to anyone I know who needed assistance for their hearing. I thought that Cate Page was so patient and interested in achieving the best result for me and that nothing was too much trouble for her. Definitely a ‘Gold Star’ all around.

Karen, 63 years old & Audrey, 87 years old

We had a terrific experience with Cate, she is just so lovely and caring. We will certainly be recommending her to anyone who asks us about their hearing problems. Aidan at reception is also very helpful.

Maria – Retired

The staff are very friendly and polite and i felt very confident with them. Cate Page was terrific.

Eric, 84 Years old -Retired

I was very impressed with the thoroughness with which Cate approached the correction of my hearing problems. She was prepared to try a range of solutions with patience and professional expertise. I was most impressed by the professionalism displayed by the Vivid team.

Ann, 74 Years old

The consultations were comprehensive and informative. I was happy to receive my new hearing aids in time for an overseas holiday – They made a lot of difference to the ease of travelling and enjoyment generally.

Paul, 54 years old – Managing Director,

I highly recommend Vivid Hearing for professional and personalised service. Cate took a genuine interest in my hearing difficulties and took the time to listen. My options were thoroughly explained and all my questions patiently answered. I have been back several times for fine tuning to get the best results and Cate has always made me feel welcome and nothing ever appears to be too much trouble.

Mr C, 76 years old – Retired business owner

I have had a hearing loss for more than 15 years and have been tested by a few different hearing care providers.  I have been through real torture with my hearing problem, with many of my good friends telling me I had selective hearing.  It was very disturbing and embarrassing for me.   For these reasons I avoided group discussions like meetings, conferences, seminars, I even gave up watching TV .  All this despite being fitted with numerous types of hearing aids.  I became frustrated and stressed and at one stage gave up wearing my hearing aids for weeks and sometimes even months.

Until one day I spotted a small advertisement with the word VIVID HEARING.  The words say it all, very well chosen.  I made a last attempt to try and sort out my hearing problem, hoping to find someone who is really true to their chosen profession; caring and conscientious.

Cate, the principal of Vivid Hearing, gave me her personal attention and spent considerable time assessing my hearing and personal needs before recommending the type of hearing aid I could afford.   I had tried top of the range hearing aids before but given my current situation I wasn’t able to afford this again.  Cate took this into account, as Vivid Hearing is an independent clinic she was able to find me the best hearing aid on the market for the price I was willing to pay.

The result really made me realise it is true, a good product needs someone who knows the product so they can get the maximum benefit out of it – the audiologists skill makes a big difference and is what makes Vivid Hearing the best Perth Hearing Clinic I’ve encountered.

I am very happy with the pair of hearing aids I bought from Vivid Hearing.  They have a very natural sound and I can even now hear leaky taps!  I can also hear the twittering of various birds, especially my female canary with its soft and musical twitter.  I feel I can now hear the TV news and some movies 50% better, I am very a happy with my Vivid Hearing experience.

Chris, 60 years old – Academic

Bought very good quality hearing aids in the colour I wanted. I was also allowed to use them on a 2 week trial period at no extra charge. It was a lot of money, but money well spent on hearing aids that i expect will last for years and make my professional life a lot easier.

Stephanie’s Story…  2015-04-21 Stephanie Gwilt and Husband | Perth Hearing Centre Happy Clients | Vivid Hearing Claremont Carine | Best Perth Hearing Clinic

For as long as I can remember, I have had problems hearing clearly. My mother told me that at the age of 4 I was profoundly deaf for a short while, but nobody ever told me why.

I learned early on in life to compensate for this by placing myself in the line of vision when somebody was speaking and I became adept at lip reading. I could always hear the volume, but I struggled with the clarity and I seemed to miss those funny noises that people hear. “Did you hear that noise?” was always a no for me.

When I was in my late twenties, I took myself off to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist because I was straining to hear everything and I was getting fed up with family and friends commenting. He told me he wished all of his patients had ears as healthy as mine and if I wasn’t hearing well then it was probably because I wasn’t trying!

So there began my journey through life thinking that it was my fault I couldn’t hear. From then on, I strained and concentrated constantly to hear things, but I must have been a bit thick because I didn’t realize that nothing was changing even with my best efforts.

As I got older, I heard more and more stories of people who’d been told that hearing aids wouldn’t work for them so I sort of self-diagnosed and thought I was in that group. People seemed to complain so much about hearing aids that I thought it was a waste of time even looking at them.

At the ripe old age of 52 I took myself off to University and earned a 4 yr. Bachelor of Social Work (some would say it wasn’t my ears that were the problem!) And thus began my career in Child Protection. This was where my hearing deficit really came to the fore. My work involves a broad spectrum of environments and situations and from day one, I struggled to hear important information in meetings, child interviews and conferences. Even in the lunch room I often missed the jokes and asides. And of course because they’re all social workers everyone was far too respectful to comment.

It was really affecting my work, but never more so than when I interviewed children who are often traumatized or developmentally delayed in their speech. If they spoke softly as well, I just couldn’t catch what they were saying and would have to rely on my co-worker to confirm the information.

One day, my husband Stephen and I were walking through a shopping Centre on a day out and had a little time to kill, so we walked into a place that offered free hearing tests. They gave me an appointment with an audiologist and I followed it up but was unhappy with the company’s approach and general ethos. I felt pressured into buying a product that wasn’t explained well and I ended up not going any further with it, wondering how I was ever going to manage my hearing problem. Was I being too selective? But I still just felt so resistant.

Some months later, we took ourselves to Perth for the caravan and camping show to buy some toys for our van and 4WD and while wandering around the displays we saw a stall with information about hearing aids. I thought I’d have a look as it was convenient and would be easy to walk on from, but once I started to speak to Cate from Vivid Hearing, it became clear to me that she had a completely different approach from others I had spoken to. She explained how she was an independent audiologist so was not contracted to a particular brand of aid, and was able to source any she deemed suitable for the client.

You know how sometimes you just get a good feeling about someone? Well I got that with Cate! I made an appointment to come and see her and at the same time, she entered me into the draw to win $4000 off the price of a hearing aid if we bought one. I went home that night feeling hopeful that finally, I may have hit the jackpot. She was easy to talk to, she explained the whole process clearly and I came away with more knowledge in 20 mins than I’d gained in a lifetime with others. (I didn’t actually think about the $4000 prize at the time).

Well, I was right. I did hit the jackpot. She conducted a full hearing test and then began to ask lots of questions about my history with hearing issues. (This didn’t happen with the other company) She showed me the different types of aids, how they worked and generally informed me of my options. Then she explained my hearing loss in detail and told me amongst other things that I had almost certainly suffered from Auditory Processing Disorder all my life because I couldn’t hear sounds like ‘ch’, ‘k’, ‘t’, etc. It was like the lights came on for me and the jigsaw puzzle pieces fell into place. I had always been able to hear the volume, but seemed to not have clarity and this explained it.

So away I went with my newly fitted hearing aids to try for a week and then to return for tweaking. It would be an understatement to say that my life was transformed. I used the mini mike with the children I transported and/or interviewed and it was wonderful! Their voices streamed straight into my hearing aids and I could hear every word they said from the back seat of the car. Amazing!

And now I found I wasn’t spending half the time saying “sorry?” or “what was that?” It was fabulous. But the best bit was how I came home from work feeling fresh and not tired from straining all the time. Cate said I would notice this; and how!! It continues still to this day. I can’t believe the transformation in my life.

The quality of these aids is superb. The sound is very natural and with 7 programs that Cate can adjust, I have wonderful sound in every environment. I go bike riding and there’s no rushing sound of the wind; I’m in a bar and I can hear the voices in conversation clearly with the background noise minimized; I delight in hearing my husband ask what was said on TV and I’m the one who heard it; I can hear my voice clearly and naturally when I sing in church. Beautiful!

As a codicil to this story, we have a daughter who has not been well and has needed us to give her more support than normal. She feels terrible that at 18, she needs to rely on us to support her financially and she worries that we may miss out on something because we are spending money on her. No amount of reassurance really convinces her, so what a joy it was for us to be able to tell her that we had won the $4000 prize and God had come through for us yet again. We have put this in a separate bank account for her in the future; when she’s well and able to tackle life fully. In the meantime we continue to let her know that life’s good, even in the dark times.

So thank you Cate and Pip for the wonderful experience we have had. I’m bringing a friend with me to my next appointment. She’s been looking too!

Winner of the 2015 CHANGE MY LIFE competition.

Stephanie Gwilt, pictured here with husband Stephen.

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