On average, people wait about 7 years before they seek advice about their hearing problems.  It is important for people act earlier than this because research has shown that people who seek help early retain more of their natural hearing ability than those who prolong treatment.   The reason for this is that if your brain is starved of hearing certain sounds for a long period of time it is much harder for the brain to relearn them again.  So the common saying ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ applies to your hearing!

Look out for the common signs of hearing loss:

  • You often ask people to repeat
  • Your family or friends comment that you are having hearing problems
  • You have difficulty hearing in noisy group situations eg, cafe, restaurants
  • You feel many people around you are mumbling
  • You mishear words and sentences – especially with women and children
  • You have the TV up louder than other people in the household

If you or a family member experience any of the above, we recommend you book in for a full hearing assessment.  Pensioners and Veterans can access free services through the Commonwealth Governments Hearing Services scheme, contact us and we will register you for these services – stress free.

If you are reluctant to have a full hearing test, to encourage people to be more informed about their hearing status, Vivid Hearing offers some FREE advice options to help identify if a hearing loss is present and to make further recommendations if required.

FREE hearing checks options at Vivid Hearing, Perth:

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