Hearing tests

HEARING AWARENESS WEEK  – one hour FREE hearing test (valued at $120)

During Hearing Awareness Week (20-26 August 2017) we are offering free full hearing tests to encourage people to address their hearing issues.  Book in NOW to take advantage of this offer.

On average, people wait about 7 years before they seek advice about their hearing problems.  This is too long, especially in light of the new research that shows untreated hearing loss can lead to accelerated cognitive decline ie poor memory and thinking skills.

If you or a family member experience any of the following issues, we recommend you book in for a full hearing assessment.

Signs of hearing loss:

  • You often ask people to repeat
  • Your family or friends comment that you are having hearing problems
  • You find listening in noisy place difficult and tiring
  • You feel people around you are mumbling
  • You mishear words and sentences – especially with women and children
  • You have the TV up louder than other people in the household

What is involved in a hearing test?

Full hearing assessments (approximately 1 hour)

No referral is required, simply book in for an assessment.  If you are a pensioner or a veteran you are entitled to a free full assessment through the Federal Government’s Voucher Scheme.   We can register you online, please give us a call so we can help you through this process.

All testing is done in an insulated sound booth and complies with all standards and conditions set out by the Audiological Society of Australia.  We use the latest modern equipment for all our assessment.

What’s involved:

  • Comprehensive ear health and hearing needs history
  • Otoscopy – Looking in the ear for obstructions or infections
  • Tympanometry – tests the middle ear system
  • Air conduction – headphone testing of the main 9 speech tones
  • Bone conduction – vibrating headband to directly test the inner ear
  • Speech testing – present a list of words at varying volume
  • Comprehensive discussion of results and recommendations
  • Written report to GP, speech pathologist, specialist etc. if required

Adequate time is allowed so all your questions can be heard and answered.  If the results indictate a hearing aid would be beneficial an in depth hearing aid assessment will be offered.

Vivid Hearing strives to make this assessment experience non-threatening and informative – you may even enjoy it!

To arrange an appointment, please call us or simply enquire online
Claremont  & South Perth P: 9286 1762
Carine & Murdoch  P: 9447 6027