Vivid Hearing along with Resound have raised the bar in affordable hearing aids. Vivid Hearing is offering a free upgrade from the Resound Alera 2 to the Resound Alera 4 range.  The Alera 4 has features that are usually reserved for more expensive hearing aids and we have them priced at only $1,400 each.  Their usual retail price is $1800 so this is a saving of $400 each aid.  This upgrade is also available to eligible pensioners who can receive these devices FREE of charge through the Government Hearing Scheme!

The features packed into this device are as follows:

  • DFS feedback management system: as a rule of thumb, the less expensive the hearing aid the less advanced the feedback management system. But ReSound have put their proven DFS feedback management in the Alera 4 hearing aid. This is the same feedback system that’s in many of their top of the range hearing aids. This feature greatly reduces the risk of high pitched squealing or whistling from your hearing aid.
  • 7 channel hearing aid: most other hearing aids in this price range will only have between 4-6 channels. Having 7 channels allows us to more accurately program your hearing aid to your hearing loss. It also allows the noise reduction feature to work more precisely providing better performance in noise than comparable products.
  • Noise tracker II: once again, this method of noise reduction is usually reserved for more expensive hearing aids. The ‘computer’ in the hearing aid only samples the level of background noise when speech is not present. It uses this information to cancel out much of the noise whilst preserving the important speech information. This will provide you with better speech clarity in noise than other similarly priced products.
  • Auto-Directional microphone:  A directional mic is a proven means of reducing the level of background noise. It is designed to focus the mic ‘pickup’ to the front of you, as it works on the understanding you will be looking at the person you are speaking to. By having this front focus, the amount of background noise being picked up from behind is reduced, therefore reducing the overall level of background noise interference.  This directional switching will happen automatically, so no need to fiddle with your hearing aid to take advantage of this feature.

The Resound Alera 4 comes in both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles. It is an extremely good product choice for people who enjoy reasonably quiet environments, for example:

  • Enjoying everyday sounds like birds chirping, water running, microwaves beeping!
  • Watching TV at the same volume as others
  • Feeling at ease in casual conversations with small groups
  • Enjoying card games, and the like, with friends

If you find yourself in more challenging listening environments ie large groups, auditoriums, noisy gatherings, you may wish to talk about hearing aids with more advanced features (price range $2,100 to $4,900). But the ReSound Alera 4 is certainly an outstanding affordable option suitable for many people. If you are experiencing hearing difficulties and are looking for affordable solutions please contact us by filling out the contacts page or phone us to arrange an appointment.

If you are unsure if you need hearing aids at this stage and want more information, we recommend booking in for a hearing test so we can advise you on whether hearing aids will be helpful or not.

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