A supportive Independent hearing aid clinic

Getting hearing aids for the first time or even updating existing hearing aids can be a daunting experience.  At Vivid Hearing we feel the best way to support you through this experience is with free home trials.  This allows you to wear the hearing aids in your normal, every day environment and see how you find them as you go about your every day activities.

You really can try before you buy!

10% Off Hearing aids

OTICON OPN hearing aids

As many of our current clients are really enjoying the new OTICON OPN hearing aids we want you to experience it too.  So we are running a special offer during September –10% OFF all OPN aids.

NB: further discounts for eligible pensioners

Which hearing aid is right for you?

As an independent clinic we can fit a full range of hearing aid brands and styles which allows us to find the right hearing aid for you. During our selection process we will take into account a variety of different factors:

  • the severity and type of your hearing loss
  • your lifestyle needs
  • your communication goals
  • cosmetic requirements
  • ease of use
  • accessories required
  • budget

When the desired aid is selected we can organise an obligation FREE HOME TRIAL – so you can hear the benefit for yourself.

Hearing Aid brands we offer and support include (but are not restricted to):

For more information on the range of products offered at Vivid Hearing,     contact us online or phone

Claremont & South Perth    P 9286 1762

Carine & Murdoch    P 9447 6027