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Over the last 10 years the industry has changed and many small independent hearing centres have been bought out by large hearing aid manufacturers, in Australia and also in Perth. This has resulted in many clinics only fitting one brand of hearing aid. As Vivid Hearing is an independent, owner operator clinic we have access to ALL the leading hearing aid brands ( ie. Oticon, ReSound, Siemens/Signia, Phonak, Widex, Unitron and more ). This means we can offer you an unbiased opinion on the current hearing aids on the market and choose the best product for your hearing and communication needs, rather than just picking the most suitable from a restricted list.

This independence also allows us to search for well priced hearing aids that provide the best combination of features at the lowest price. This saving is passed onto you. You can SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on a pair of hearing aids.

We will choose the best hearing aid for you based on many individual factors such as; degree of hearing loss, the shape of your hearing loss, lifestyle needs, physical management requirements, cosmetic concerns and your budget. Given all of these variables, for us to prescribe the most suitable hearing aid, it is very important for us to conduct a comprehensive hearing aid assessment.


Types of Hearing Aids


Micro Open Fit Behind-the-ear (BTE)

(Suitable for: mild to moderately severe high frequency hearing losses)micro behind the ear aids vivid hearing | perth claremont carine south perth murdoch

The main section of this hearing aid is very small and is hidden behind the ear with the speaker held invisibly in the ear canal with a soft silicone dome. Extremely cosmetically appealing and virtually invisible.

This type of hearing aid is best suited for people who have normal hearing in the low pitch sounds but a hearing loss in the high pitch region, often seen with noise induced hearing losses. The open fit allows the wearer to use their good low frequency hearing normally and only amplify the high frequency sounds where needed. This allows for a more natural sound and also eliminates the ‘head in a bucket’ sensation commonly reported with more traditional ear moulds.

Receiver in the canal (RIC)/ Standard Behind-the-ear (BTE)

(Suitable for: all types of hearing loss from mild to profound)receiver in the ear hearing aids vivid hearing perth claremont south perth murdoch

RIC BTE: the main section of this hearing aid is hidden behind the ear with the speaker held in the ear with a micro mould or sealing dome. Once again this style is very discrete due to the thin tube design, the slightly bigger behind the ear portion can allow for more power and longer battery life but is still virtually invisible behind the ear.

Standard BTE: the main section of the aid once again sits behind the ear, with a mould receiver in the ear hearing aids vivid hearing perth claremont south perth murdochattached to the aid’s ear hook via a thicker tube. The larger aid and mould suits people with dexterity problems or people with a loss of feeling in the fingertips. The increased size also allows for more power, therefore is suitable for profound hearing losses.

Custom in-the-ear models

(Suitable for: mild to severe hearing loss)

In-the-ear hearing aids are custom made to fit a person’s individual ear canal. They are easy to insert and they avoid conflict when wearing glasses, hats, etc. There are five different types of custom hearing aids:

receiver in the ear hearing aids vivid hearing perth claremont south perth murdoch

– full shell & half shell

– canal

– completely in the canal (CIC)

– invisible in the canal (IIC)


Depending on the specific type, it may be more or less invisible in your ear. The full shell is the largest most powerful custom model and is therefore the most visible.  The IIC is the most discrete model and can often be hidden well inside the entrance of the ear canal – this is the most cosmetically appealing device on the market.

The size and shape of your ear canal along with the degree of hearing loss will determine which type of custom hearing aid is right for you.

As an independent hearing aid clinic in Perth we offer various brands and an unbiased consultation.  We will review your requirements with you and discuss your options and the best solution will be provided to you.



Hearing Aid brands we offer and support include (but are not restricted to):


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