FREE hearing screening for over 55’s (approximately 20min)

We hope that by offering this quick FREE appointment we can remove some of the fears and myths about hearing loss and hearing aids so people will not suffer for years and instead find solutions earlier.Free Hearing Screening |Vivid Hearing

Often the person who suffers from a hearing loss is unaware or in denial about it, therefore it is commonly family and/or friends who first notice the communication difficulties.  If you know someone that could benefit from this FREE check, please do them a favour and let them know there is a non-threatening avenue for seeking help – Vivid Hearing.

 What’s involved in the FREE over 55’s screening test:

  • Quick history of hearing health.
  • Looking in the ear (otoscopy).
  • Headphone testing at 4 main speech tones/pitches.
  • Discussion of results.
  • Recommendations. for example:
    – monitoring your hearing if the loss isn’t severe enough for hearing aids
    – recommending a full assessment
    – recommend trialling/getting a hearing aid

Ring us now to book your FREE screening or book online

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