Vivid Hearing Services, Perth’s Hearing Loss Professionals

If you suspect that you or a family member has a hearing loss then you are probably correct.  Vivid Hearing, a small number of independently led clinics led by Perth’s hearing loss professionals, is ideal as a place for you to determine your exact issues and potential treatment solutions. Very often hearing loss is a gradual  process that can have an impact on your daily life before you really notice it.  If you experience any of the following signs you should arrange to have your hearing tested:

  • You often ask people to repeat themselves
  • Your family or friends comment that you are having hearing problems
  • You have difficulty hearing in noisy group situations eg, cafe, restaurants
  • You feel many people around you are mumbling
  • You mishear words and sentences – especially with women and children
  • You have the TV up louder than other people in the household
  • You find socialising in noisy places tiring

We offer the following hearing tests:

Free over 55’s check | Full hearing Assessment | WorkCover Tests | PreEmployment Tests

For bookings and more information on our range of hearing services, enquire online or phone us: 

Claremont: 08 9286 1762
Carine: 08 9447 6027

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