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Q: Will hearing aids give me normal hearing?

A: No, no hearing aid can restore your hearing to ‘normal’. Hearing aids are just an ‘aid’, they will provide you with assistance to communicate and allow you to function well in most listening environments BUT they will not give you back the hearing you had as a teenager or young adult! Some situations you may still miss things in are:

  • in noisy places
  • if listening over long distances
  • if people are whispering
  • talking from another room

Therefore it is very important to supplement the use of your hearing aids with other communication strategies:

  • lip reading (we all do this naturally to some extent)
  • modifying your environment to reduce background noise
  • move closer to the speaker
  • asking people to speak more slowly

Q: Do I really need 2 hearing aids?

A: Yes, if you have an aidable hearing loss in both ears. Here are the reasons why:

  • Better hearing in noise: Long gone are the days when people wore monocles (single eye glasses) for their vision problems, it is the same for hearing problems. Our brain uses the information coming in from both ears to help filter out the speech from the noise, if we only wear 1 aid, it is likely the speech will be muffled and overpowered by the noise.
  • Localize sound better: With the use of both ears you can can more effectively tell which direction sounds are coming from, this is an important safety issue, ie hearing traffic. It also help when communicating around the home or office has you can more easily locate the person who is speaking to you.
  • Less tiring to communicate: because listening with 2 ears provides a clearer speech signal in noise, you will find it easier to follow the conversation and therefore have more energy to enjoy yourself.

Q: Is there a hearing aid that ‘cuts out’ the background noise?

A: No, no hearing aid can cut out background noise. However, hearing aid noise features can reduce background noise and enhance the speech to enable you to hear the speech through the noise better. It is impossible for the hearing aid to know what it is in the environment that you want to listen to – it is your brain not your ears that does this. However, your ears need to deliver a clear and faithful signal and this is where hearing aid noise filtering features play an important role. The more advanced the hearing aid the better the noise filtering and the clearer the speech. Advanced noise filtering along with communication strategies will give you the best possible result in noise.

Q: Do I need the top of the range hearing aids?

A: Not necessarily, hearing aids range in price from $1300 to $4500 each. The higher the price the more features you get and the more advanced the sound processing is. The feature set you need will depend on your lifestyle. A person who is mainly communicating in a quiet place and small numbers of people, will most likely only need a base or mid range product. However, someone who lives and/or works in noisy places, communicates in groups regularly and finds themselves in many different listening environments, will get the best results with a top of the range device. Your audiologist will help you decide on the best features for you.

Q: Will these hearing aids always have this artifcial tinny sound to them?

A: No, sometimes when people first get hearing aids or even when people upgrade their hearing aids, the sound can initially be quite different to what you are used to hearing. Most people with hearing aids have a hearing loss in the high pitch region. So for many years they have been hearing through a defective system and their brain has been missing out on all of the useful high frequency information. When we program hearing aids, we are restoring some of that lost high frequency signal and initially your brain views this as unnatural because it hasn’t heard those sounds for quite a while. Over time, with good hearing aid use, your brain adjusts to these restored sounds and they just become part of your normal listening experience.

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