Free Hearing Services to Pensioners and DVA clients

The Australian Federal Government has a long running program that allows pensioners and veterans to access hearing services FREE of charge.  They recognise the impact hearing loss can have on an individual and the community and have developed a  program to allow many people to access treatment.

Who is eligible?

If you are an Australian Citizen or permanent resident 25 years or older and you meet any of the following criteria you can apply for a Hearing Service Voucher.

  • Pensioner Concession Card Holder – aged or disability pension card holder
  • Centrelink Sickness Allowance recipients
  • Gold DVA Health Card Holder
  • White DVA Health Card Holder for hearing loss
  • a dependent of a person receiving any of the above benefits
  • a member of the Australian Defence Force
  • undergoing vocational rehab services through the Federal Government and are referred by your VRS provider

What services will you receive?

You will receive a comprehensive range of hearing services designed to meet your hearing needs, FREE of charge.  These include:

  • A full audiological assessment by a qualified hearing services consultant – at Vivid Hearing you will be assessed by a university trained audiologist who is health focused.
  • If the assessment indicates the need for hearing aids or other devices, the audiologist will assist you in choosing the most appropriate for your individual needs.  The basic devices are available FREE of charge.
  • The audiologist will advise you and support you throughout the entire rehab program and provide continued after care support.
  • If you have complex hearing problems, you will be offered additional services provided through a government agency
  • If you are already a client of the program, new hearing aids can be fitted every 5 years or earlier if your current hearing aid/s no longer meets your clinical requirements as assessed by your audiologist

How to apply for a hearing services voucher.

If you are eligible, and you haven’t accessed the scheme before, our very helpful administration staff can help you register online, please call us or contact us via our contacts page for further assistance.

If you are an existing client of the Hearing Services Scheme you are entitled to regular hearing checks and aid adjustments every year and full hearing assessment every three years.  We encourage all our clients to contact us if they require any assistance at all. We are here to ensure you are hearing to your full potential.   If you would like Vivid Hearing to help you with your hearing needs please contact us.

‘Top -Up’ arrangements

Under the Voucher Scheme, if an aidable hearing loss is present, you are entitled to hearing aid/s free of charge.  If you wish to choose a hearing aid with additional or more advanced features you have the option to ‘top-up’ and pay the difference in cost.

At Vivid Hearing we will assess your individual needs and requirements to provide you with sufficient information to make an informed decision about your hearing aid/s choice.   For more information about this process please refer to our hearing aid assessment page.

Maintenance and batteries

If you are fitted with a hearing aid under the Government scheme you are entitled to enter into a maintenance agreement.   For an annual fee of $43.85 Vivid Hearing will repair your aid as necessary and supply batteries at no extra cost.  If you choose not to enter into this agreement you will need to pay for repairs and services and buy hearing aid batteries regularly.

Further information

For further information about the Government’s Hearing Services Scheme, please feel free to contact us at Vivid Hearing.

Alternatively you can contact the Office of Hearing Services directly via their website Office of Hearing Services.