Hearing aids Perth Vivid HearingNEW RESOUND LiNX 3D HEARING AID: Resound have released their latest Smart Hearing device, the LiNX 3DTM.  Here at Vivid Hearing have always loved Resound’s natural clarity and connectivity to Smart devices and now they have 3D hearing too!

You will now be more connected to your listening environment to allow you to follow different conversations like you used to. Take advantage of our April Special offer 15% oFF. 

Resound LiNX 3D new features include:

Surround sound: 360 degrees of sound. You will hear 80% more of the sounds around you*

Spatial sense & Binaural Directionality III: gives you a clear & natural sense of sound around you so you can focus on what you want AND stay in touch with your surrounds You will understand 40% more speech in noise*

Resound Smart 3D app: control your hearing device with your smart phone and personalise your own sound if you want to – or just let the technology do it!

ReSound Assist:  Access our team anywhere, anytime with the new remote fine-tuning function. Integrated with ReSound Smart 3D app, you can now easily enhance your hearing experience on the go.

Compared to premium hearing aids from competitive brands. Sources: *Groth (2016), **Jespersen et al. (2016)

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