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Trial Hearing Aids For Free – Our Try Before You Buy Approach

The Vivid Hearing team have been supporting people just like you for a long time.  Our experienced team have heard many many stories from all sorts of people about the concerns and challenges they experience and the varying emotions that can arise when it comes time to accept you may need hearing support.  Then, when you realise that hearing aids are necessary you may have a whole new set of questions and concerns and even fear rise up.

There seems to be endless options and making the right choice for you becomes overwhelming.  At this point many people can give up and decide to just keep managing their communication challenges as best as possible.  But really, it’s the ideal time to reach out and get support from caring, people focused professionals like ourselves, who genuinely have your best interests at heart.  We’re delighted to have supported many, many Perth locals to find the best hearing aids, education about communication and tailored support, evidenced by the many happy customer testimonials we receive.

One of our many points of difference stems from our personalised, team focused approach, where we will work with you to identify the best solution for you.  Where possible, we allow you to trial hearing aids for free at home before you commit to hearing aids at all.

For first time users we have found it is common to experience a fear of the unknown. So we attempt to support you by allowing you to try a pair of hearing aids for free to see if hearing aids provide the benefit you are looking for.  We’re proud to say we offer this with no obligation to invest in the aids we recommend.  We have a few terms and conditions but will never lock you into buying hearing aids that don’t work for you.

Then when you are ready to go ahead we use the most update equipment to ensure the fitting is individualised to your specific ear and needs to maximise comfort and experience for you in any way we can.

We provide sufficient time and support to help you through the fitting and adjustment process so that you feel increasingly confident as you adjust to wearing hearing aids and get used to the changes to being able to hear in a new and different way.

We have a 30 day return for refund period if you are not satisfied with the product (full refund minus $240 to cover consumables and time throughout the trial period).

In addition we are committed to offering a superior after care service to help you experience continue communication success.

So essentially we remove the risks and offer peace of mind, knowing that you have options available to try before you buy when it comes to your new hearing aids.

For more information and to arrange an appointment to see if our Trial Hearing Aids For Free opportunity is right for you, please call or email us using our online contact form.
Claremont: 9286 1762
Carine Glades: 9447 6027